During the years of our experience we found out that there are some sections in the mini bus which has to be developed by our own. By using unique and standardized technology which allows avoiding corrosion, we can offer our partners reduced production time and costs. We've manufactured our own doors which alows less noise to come to the passenger compartment. Each bus has installed lighter and stronger seat rails, which has wider area of placement and it makes it more safe and reliable. Each component has own drawing and can be produced to the Customer as a Specialized request.

Our unique solution enables steps to be attached without being welded to the vehicle body. This innovation completely eliminates the problem of corrosion. Corrosion in welded places is still a prominent problem for most manufacturers, but not us.

The low aerodynamic door resistance coefficient ensures minimum noise in the passenger cabin even while driving at maximum speed. These results have been achieved by removing the rubber- tape door sealing.

A safe and reliable seat mounting ensures the well-being of passengers. Our authentic production technology enables a resilient vehicle body that receives minimal damage.

We use a completely autonomous electric circuit that is installed in a convenient spot for the user. The system can be programmed to change the automatic disconnection time in case the driver accidentally leaves the power on. This solution ensures that the battery will not be discharged accidentally.

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