Here at Forveda, we are proud of our technological process. We've been mastering and expanding our unique know-how for the last 13 years. Our statistics shows, that since everything is prepared, we can build the “School mini-bus” within a 3-4 hours. This time we can achieve thanks to our Production Management System and all preparations we do before the bus comes to our facilities. Other projects, like the Passenger bus, Intercity bus, Electrical bus are able to produced within 50-150 hours.

More than 600 School Buses

Modern and comfortable accessibility of education for Lithuanian youth. The projects that alowed multiple region pupils reach their destination - School. Fairly simple in design, but reliable and essential for the client.

Search and Rescue Iveco

We were suggested as a solution from our trusted Iveco partners in Scandinavia, for adapting Iveco 4x4 for Icelandic Search and Rescue team. The challenge consisted of two oposite worlds meeting- passenger vehicles and heavy-duty purpose vehicles. We are glad to know that our product is saving lifes and helps to keep icelandic experience safer. A project that we are proud of.

Mercedes-Benz 516 for Belgian client

Reliability and practicality are the main tasks of this project. Active passenger transport is the main task of our Belgian customer, we have key focus into the main daily challenges when preparing the car and applied only time-tested solutions.

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