UN ECE R66 rollover test for Iveco Daily 5,6T

UN ECE R66 rollover test for Iveco Daily 5,6T

Forveda JSC successfully performed Iveco Daily 5,6T rollover test. The bus was fully equipped and fully loaded up to 5600kg during the test!

Deepened entrance steps for passengers

We have been able to find a solution that enables steps to be attached without being welded to the vehicle body. This completely eliminates the problem of corrosion. Corrosion in welded places is still a problem for many manufacturers, but not us!

Strengthened rails for seat mounting

Ensures safe and reliable seat mounting, which results in passenger safety. The production technology we use enables a resilient vehicle body that receives minimal damage.

Electric passenger entrance doors

Ensures minimum noise in the passenger cabin even while driving at maximum speed, because of the low aerodynamic door resistance coefficient. This result has been achieved by removing the rubber-tape door sealing.

LED lighting

Comfort is essential for disabled people in minibuses. LED lighting ensures that the bus floor is well-lit and visible when locking the wheelchair in place or removing the seat.

Electrical installation

We use a completely autonomous electric circuit that is always installed in a convenient spot for the customer. The system can be programmed to change the automatic disconnection time in case the driver accidentally leaves the power on. This ensures that the battery will not be discharged accidentally.